DC UPS And Power Supply

DC UPS And Power Supply


APFC Controller are available with 1 CT or 3 CT measurement of load current. The Correction time and Discharge time are user programmable. A back-lit LCD display makes it convenient to view the information at all times including normal operation as also during programming. Step ON, OFF, discharging or faulty conditions are displayed on the LCD

Partnering with J-Schneider

DC UPS by J Schieder are specially designed to provide uninterrupted DC power to control circuitry (typically 24VDC). It can have an internal battery backed up for limited back up time or extra battery backup for back up time up to few hours. Or very short back up time using built in ultra-capacitors depending on the application. There are various models from very small DIN rail mountable to large UPS with external batteries.

The key features are .

  • Microcontroller based charging and discharging
  • Display state of charge and signal light
  • high efficiency
  • Vibration secured wiring
  • Wide temperature range -25⁰ C to + 50⁰ C
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • USB interface for monitoring
  • monitoring of energy store operating hours
  • AC UPS have products ranging from 400VA to 80kVA

Typical application

Industry- oil and gas, power generation, water processing,Building technology- railways, airports, till stations, marine IT infrastructure- data center, server farms, banks, telecommunications

For more details connect to - https://www.j-schneider.de
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