Akanksha Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Our Vision

With this wide range of product range, the company AKANKSHA’S consistent success in providing optimum solutions to reduce losses is attributable to process improvement and adoption of the best technology & best products of its kind including customized products for Reactive Power Management, to reduce technical loss and improve the efficiency, A complete end to end solution.

also having a wide experience in distribution management with state utilities, to work and support in overall AT & C reduction initiatives.

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Power Quality Audit

Site Analysis and Service
Online Monitoring

Product and Technology

Customized Solutions

APFC, Tuned - Detuned Filters, Active Filters & Hybrid Systems
Decade over experince and technology support from leading players


High Class Components form TDK-EPCOS

PFC capacitors; controllers; contactors ; thyristors etc.
Passive Filters
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