UMG 96L / UMG 96
(Universal measurment device)

Universal measurement device

Digital diversity against analogue simplicity. Measurement devices (96x96 mm) for use in low voltage distribution with pulse outputs and digital outputs.

Threshold Value Monitoring
Threshold value monitoring can be assigned to both alarm management and switching operations. Corresponding UMG measuring devices have digital outputs that are suitable as switch outputs. Therefore, certain reactions can be automated if a threshold value is exceeded or not reached.
Pulse input/output
Pulse inputs can be used to record the values for meters such as water and gas meters using UMG measuring devices. Using pulse outputs as a measured value transducer, the working pulses can be transferred to a control system such as BCS, PLC, SCADA systems

Measuring Accuracy
  • Energy: Class 2
  • Current .../1 A, .../5 A
  • Voltage L - N: ± 1 %

  • TN-, TT-Networks

2 digital outputs (UMG 96)
  • Pulse output kWh / kvarh
  • Switch output

Areas of Application
  • Replaces analogue measurement devices
  • Display and checking of electrical characteristics in energy distribution systems
  • Limit value monitoring


Digital diversity against analogue simplicity. Measurement devices (96x96 mm) for use in low voltage distribution with pulse outputs and digital outputs

Display selection and autDisplay selection and automatic display rotation
  • Generous LCD display
  • All measured values can be called up in factory setting
  • Measured values that are not required can be hidden and displayed again
Operating hours counter
  • The operating hours counter is active as soon as the device is switched on
  • The time is measured with a resolution of 15 minutes
  • Display in hours mode
Digital outputs for reactive or active energy
  • Transmission of the reactive and active energy via digital outputs
  • The active energy should be assigned to output 1 and the reactive energy to output 2
Digital outputs for threshold values (UMG 96)
  • Digital outputs also suitable for use as switch outputs
  • Programming the digital outputs for threshold monitoring of measurement data
  • Assignment of a measured value (threshold value) per switch output
  • The associated output reacts in response to the value exceeding or dropping below the threshold value
  • Transistor outputs
  • 3-digit password protects against unauthorised changing of the programming and configurations
  • Changes in the following program menus can only be implemented after entering the correct user password
  • Password is not factory-programmed
Janitza-UMG 96-L-UMG 96-Passwortschutz
Dimension Diagrams(in mm)
Typical Connections