Peak Demand Management

Peak Demand Management
Reduce Power Peaks Intelligently
  • Constant logging of all electrical parameters
  • Integrated, intelligent control algorithms calculate the active power trend and compare this with the preset target active power
  • Accurate intervention in the operating process
  • Short-term switching off of non-critical loads per user stipulations
  • If feedback processing is connected, only loads which are using power at the time of the calculation are switched off or integrated in the trend value calculation
  • Advantage: Avoidance of cost-intensive power peaks and indication of cost saving potentials
Power Analyser UMG 508 as Basic Equipment
Power Analyser UMG 508 as Basic Equipment
  • The UMG 508 is used as a basic device.
  • Determination of load conditions of the electrical supply equipment for the avoidance of overloading.
  • Measurement and storage of all electrical variables including current and power values.
  • Visualisation of the maximum monitor measured values via the device homepage.
  • Includes system software GridVis®-Basic
Function Principle – Simple And Precise
  • On the basis of the incoming active power pulse at a digital input, or the overall effective power (transformer measurement) calculated by the measurement device, the Emax program determines the variables required in order to comply with a predefined kW target value.
  • Constant calculation of the mean value, momentary value, trend value and correction power within the set measurement period.
  • Load switching in case of exceeding the maximum.
  • ViLoad shedding takes place with consideration to the pre-defined priority.
  • Target: Compliance with the specified kW-maximum at the end of a measuring period with the fewest possible switching instances.
  • Authorisation of a feedback input (release) for each load of the Emax function (optional)
  • In order to switch off consumers via expansion modules with digital outputs (FBM 10 R-NC) up to 64 channels are possible
Peak Demand Management of up to 64 Load Shedding Stages Depending on Device Type and Emax Application
  • Overall configuration and evaluation via the UMG device homepage.
  • Device parameters can be conveniently adjusted on the homepage.
  • Extract of parametrisation possibilities:Target value, actual value for mean value calculation, measurement period duration, off-time, pause time, availability.
  • Depending on the electrical loads the following are adjustable: Load name, priority, connection power, minimum switch-on duration, minimum switch- off duration, maximum switch-off duration and availability as a percentage.
The Following Measurement Variables Are Stored in The Device
  • Mean effective power value synchronous to the measurement period reset.
  • Trend value recording.
  • Measurement period reset with state change.
  • Evaluation takes place via the system software GridVis®.
Peak Demand Manager
  • MUMG 508Emax 15-A in sheet steel housing - example systems UMG 508Emax 15-A (item no.: 52.21.222)
  • Maximum monitoring system with 15 load shedding stages in a sheet steel housing for wall mounting.
  • Dimensions in mm (H xW x D): 380 x 600 x 210 and Colour: RAL 7035.
Fully Installed And Wired
  • 8 digital inputs, of which 1 digital input for active power pulses and 1 digital input for resetting the measurement period .
  • 15 relay outputs, 5 outputs directly controlled from the UMG 508.
  • 15 relay outputs, 5 outputs directly controlled from the UMG 508 1 field bus module FBM10 R-NC, item no. 15.06.078 with 10 relay outputs (normally closed) including status display .
Typical Connections
PDM Circuit