MV APFC Panels

MV APFC Panels

Purpose of this Panel is to provide a effective control on capacitor bank installations in Substation to maintain power factor near unity under varying load conditions, thereby reducing Maximum Demand, reduction in transformer and line losses keeping power billed to consumer the same.

Availability of additional power at existing Maximum Demand with transformer and line losses remaining at the earlier level and maintaining normal life of associated equipment. This will generate more revenue by supplying additional available power to consumer and cost of additional investment in this scheme will be recovered very fast. System efficiency will also improve to some extent due to better utilization of available capacity.

  • Power factor correction bank and harmonic filter banks are designed for commercial, industrial and utility power systems requiring power factor correction or harmonic control and to improve voltage regulations.
  • The harmonics producing load current is observed by the harmonic filter bank and the current flowing back towards the utility is virtually harmonic free. In addition to reducing distortion, the filter bank produces reactive power to improve power factor and reduce reactive demand and power factor penalties.
  • Typically are connected at the medium voltage service point between the utility supply and the customer's load.