GridVis®-Energy(Record and display energy data, reduce costs)


With rising energy costs, increasingly strict environmental regulations and high competition pressure, energy management is increasingly gaining in significance. Only when energy data is logged, displayed and evaluated is it possible to initiate measures for reducing energy consumption and enhancing efficiency, thereby also saving costs.

GridVis® Energy
GridVis® - Energy Software
  • 100% web-based – Complete solution comprising server and software .
  • Access to the energy data independent of location (internet/intranet).
  • Display of online and historic energy data – No limit to the data points, number of websites and users .
  • Compare your production sites
  • Energy analysis and display of key figures .
  • Various energy types (current, gas, etc.) or all measured values of the Janitza UMDs.
  • Integrated website configurator.
  • Animated widgets and real-time graphs.
  • Optimised presentation on the laptop and tablet .
  • Communication via the open REST interface .
  • Various languages (D, EN, )
  • Faster support via remote access.
  • Maintenance of your systems
  • Display of the Modbus devices of third party suppliers.
GridVis®-Service Software
GridVis®-Service Software
  • Software is TÜV-certified according to ISO 50001 and BAFA compatible.
  • Configuration and device setting of the universal measuring devices, data collectors, mains analysers.
  • Read-out, saving, display, editing, analysis and evaluation of measurement data.
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Automatic Excel export.
  • Automatic or manual readout of measurement data.
  • Database management (central saving of all measured data).
  • Measurement device management.
  • Cost centre management Power quality monitoring.
  • Alarm management.
  • JASIC application programming
  • Specialised tool for in-depth analyses
Data server
  • Data server with optimally configured processor power.
  • Operating system: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard Edition.
  • Main memory: 16 GB.
  • Hard disc 1TB SATA 7.2k.
  • The processor power and memory volumes are aligned with the project and number of measuring devices.
Database server
  • Generation of the Janitza database by GridVis® for storing the measurement data.
  • The database has been specially optimised for GridVis®.
  • Extremely high performing – Supplied together with GridVis®.
  • No additional costs.
  • No additional installation effort
  • MSSQL and mySQL DB supported (to be supplied by the client)
Your Advantages at a Glance
  • Central logging of your energy data.
  • Global availability of the measured data via the internet and/or intranet.
  • Seamless integration in the existing IT-Infrastructure.
  • Consolidation of the de-centrally distributed systems on one serve
  • Detailed analysis of your real time energy data with the network visualisation software GridVis®
Technical Overview
GridVis®-Energy Software Display of energy data on the web
GridVis®-Service Configuration and analysis tool
Data server With optimally configured processor power*
Janitza database Optimised for GridVis® (MySQL & MS SQL are supported)
Number of measuring devices Unlimited
Number of users Unlimited
Number of websites Unlimited
Item number 51.00.250

Visualization of Your Energy Data
GridVis Energy Structure