One App is required for each UMG measurement device (UMG 604, UMG 605, UMG 508, UMG 509, UMG 511 and UMG 512); this App is installed on the measurement device. After installing the App and configuring the device's memory, the measured values that are to be sent can be selected on the measurement device homepage. Up to 50 measurement devices, each with a maximum of 25 measured values can be managed per account. Mean values ≥ 10 minutes can be selected. The App Push Service sends the measured data automatically to the "" hosting server in cycles.The measured data can then be evaluated from anywhere in the world using any web browser.

What does the solution include?
  • Server capacities, processing power (IaaS).
  • Database storage capacities.
  • Data backup .
  • Push-App to be installed on the UMG measurement devices
  • Software as a service (SaaS): Provision of appropriate standardised visualisation software for energy consumption evaluation .
  • Quick and simple summarization of all energy data from different locations.
Energy-Portal-App Push Service Priciple
Energy-Portal-App Push Service Priciple
  • Up to 25 measured values per measuring device can be sent simultaneously.
  • Transferring the last measured values from the UMG ring buffer.
  • The App automatically detects which measured data in the UMG ring buffer is saved with which averaging time, and presents it for selection.
  • The measured values to be sent can be selected via the UMG measurement devices homepage.
  • Mean values are automatically synchronised to the device time.
  • AThe sending time can be adjusted for the transmission buffer. If the communication connection fails, there are no gaps in the data as long as the failure is shorter than the transmission buffer time.
  • The transmission interval can be adjusted.
  • MView of a status display on the homepage with the last measured data transmitted.
Energy-Portal-App Push Service
Energy Portal Cloud
Customer benefits
  • Cloud solution: the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet
  • Optimised especially for energy data
  • No investment in software, databases and IT infrastructure required
  • Data is extremely secure (HTTPS)
  • Simple summarization of all energy data from different locations
  • Software installation not required; data can also be displayed directly in the browser on mobile devices such as iPads
  • Intuitive operation with minimal training
  • Software maintenance, data backup and IT administration not required
  • Extremely cost-effective and convenient solution
  • Lower data volume due to the push function
  • Measured values are captured at the same time from various locations