MV Panels
MV panel
  • Automatic control of Power Factor From 5 % to 100 % of Full Load
  • Changing Capacitor KVAR as per variable load to maintain PF within desired level
  • Automatic Or Manual Selection of required KVAR Switching Steps.
LV Panels
LV Panels
  • Fast Transient – Free switching.
  • Fast compensation (1 second typical, 3-4 seconds maximum) unlimited number of operations.
  • Replacing electro-mechanical power factor solutions, with a better cost effective solution.
  • Harmonic filtration (Optional)
  • Accurate Power Factor Control even with Harmonics present
  • Prevent damage to sensitive equipments
  • Includes comprehensive power quality analyzer
  • Real Time PFC for dynamic loads.
  • Customized Power control / Motor control panels, suit to customer's application. We offer both in fixed and draw out constructions.
  • The panels are engineered with premium quality material and components with latest technology.
  • LT Distribution Panels : For utilities, Industries and other electrical Installations.
APIPL provides the best components for Power Factor Correction systems from the pioneers and world leaders:
Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay.
  • MPP, 3 Phase, dry type capacitor banks up to 12.65 KV
  • Gas Filled capacitors.
  • Resin filled capacitor in economy range.
  • Super Heavy Duty for harmonic Environs.
  • Capacitor Duty Contactors
  • Thyristor Modules.
  • Detuned reactors.
Power Quality Monitoring
Power Quality Monitoring Power Quality Monitoring

Power quality monitoring has become essential for industries to identify problems in the supply and distribution network and to take preventive actions to avoid any unforeseen breakdown or wastage of energy. With monitoring of more than 2000 parameters, this technological marvel detects even the minute problems in the distribution network. Further, with utilities on the verge of imposing fines for generating harmonics, this product is all the more important for power consumers. Available in various ranges, all in compact size and easy to install and monitor.