Akanksha Power And Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.We like to introduce, Akanksha Power and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., (APIPL) is one of the leading companies in the field of electrical engineering, a single window source offering turnkey solutions for your electrical needs starting from conceptualization to design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning.

Akanksha is an ISO 9001:2008 company and manufacturer of electrical panels pertaining to APFC, MCC, PCC and VFD offering turnkey solutions for Electrical infrastructure up to 33 kV voltage level. As regards to the measurement, manufacturing Automatic Power factor correction relay and Multifunction meters and Current and Voltage transformer (CT-PT and RVT) up to 33 KV from its STATE OF THE ART manufacturing facilities / works located at Nashik, Maharashtra. The Company has been successful in managing Input-based Franchisee operation of a Rural Distribution Sub-division in NESCO, Odisha since 2010. The Company has also been executing EPC Capital Projects for loss reduction and adopted best practices in the Electricity distribution management adopting IT Techniques and tools in Meter-reading, Spot Billing, Performance monitoring, MIS and Energy Audit. M/s. Akanksha Power bagged the prestigious National Award from the Hon’ble Minister of Power & Coal, Govt. of India for meritorious performance in 2013-14 under Rural Distribution Franchisee segment.

AKANKSHA has having a cloud portal called “UDReAM”, which not only supports the Android mobile-based Billing System, but also serves as a unique online platform, the whole spectrum of energy measurement to commercial activities including field activities monitoring & tracking (FAMT), Consumer Support System (CSS), Analytics – Insight. Energy Management System (EMS) for bringing in 360% view of the Consumer Billing System with improved accuracy, accountability and transparency. Akanksha is one of the few leading companies dealing in EMS (Energy Management Solutions) and PQS (Power Quality Solutions), completely Unique with Smart Communication including options of RF, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS & so on.

We represent M/s. JANITZA, Germany, which is a global leader in EMS and PQS offering -
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Power Quality in Utilities (TRANSCOMs / DISCOMs / GENCOMs & Industrial Houses)
  • Energy Management and Monitoring System
  • RCM fault Current Monitoring
  • Peak Demand Management
Our Product Range Includes
  • Smart Reactive Power Compensation (APFC Panels) – upto 11 kV and Power Quality Solutions including Tuned & Detuned Filters(For DISCOMs and Industrial Houses)
  • CT – PT and metering cubicle – upto 33 kV (For DISCOMs and Industrial Houses)
  • Circuit Breakers – upto 33 kV (For DISCOMs and Industrial Houses)
  • MCC and PCC panels up to 4000 Amps, VFD Panels
  • Stand alone, compartmentalized and draw out type, Panels as required by the customer.

We also represent M/s. J-Schneider, GmbH, Germany in exclusively marketing and installing Unique industrial power supplies, Transformers, Reactors, High voltage power supplies, etc for Industries in India and South East Asia.


M/s EFORE, from Finland, for SMPS based on line battery charge, a unique product.
With our world class products and customized services to our esteemed customers, we are striving to become a center for providing complete solutions (products & services) for bringing “Energy Transparency” in the electricity value chain.

Our Milestones

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      Reactive Power Compensation
    • milestone
      Turnkey Project/Reactive Power Compensation Projects
    • milestone
      Distribution Franchisee & Android based Mobile Billing System for Utilities
    • milestone
      PCC, MCC, VDF Panels/AHU/HVAC
    • milestone
      Power Quality Analyser & EMS with Janitza, Germany
    • milestone
      CT / PT / RVT / Metering Cubicle upto 33KV
    • milestone
      Online UPS with J-Schneider, Germany
    • milestone
      Smart Metering & AMI with Matrica, Russia
    • milestone
      SMPS based Battery Chargers & Rectifiers with EFORE, Finland
    • milestone
      MV Vacuum Contactors including Capacitor applications
    • milestone
      Power Factor Regulator / Multifunction Meter / Cloud based monitoring solutions