AMI - AIMS "The Matrix"


AIMS "The Matrix" - an automated information-measuring system based on the equipment of LLC "Matrix", focused on the solution of a wide range of tasks:

  • Remote accounting of consumption of various types of resources (electricity, gas, water, heat)
  • Software and / or remote control of electricity consumption
  • Management of street lighting.

The system can be used in the private sector (individual houses, apartment buildings, offices), at the facilities of the state or public facilities, in manufacturing plants, as well as directly in the distribution network. AIMS "The Matrix" significantly improves the payment discipline, allows you to quickly detect attempted theft of electricity, as well as to determine the level of technical losses. AIMS "The Matrix" supports import / export data in standard formats, and is open for interaction with other systems, for example, external billing system. The system used is fully automated, it does not require the state controllers and eliminates the possibility of the influence of any subjective factors on the accounting process.

The system is able to keep records of electricity within a separate transformer substation, the city administrative region. Capacity system is made by a simple installation of new meters and the DRC. DRC lets you interrogate all devices are powered by a single transformer substation 6 (10) / 0,4 kV. The number of counters, respondents DRC should not exceed 2500 units. Data from all the DRC collects data centers. The Centre collects and long-term data storage. The total number of metering points, the data on which the Centre is able to accumulate and process reaches one million.
The system supports two-way communication between meters and the Centre. RTU communicates with the upper level by using one of the communication channels: GSM, GPRS, Ethernet. The main channel of communication for the exchange of information between the DRC and the lower level is a PLC channel (power line 0.4 kV).

The scope of application and system architecture

AIMS "The Matrix" is a simple three-tier structure.

  • The lower level consists of electricity metering devices and other subscriber devices
  • Middle level router consists of (DRC) and a distributed data network.
  • The upper level is the Centre for carrying out the collection, storage and processing of data.
Diagram of AIMS "The Matrix" is outlined below:

Diagram of AIMS

Benefits of automated "The Matrix"

The advantages of automated "Matrix" refers:

  • Confident exchange of data during transmission over the power network. Due to the signal relay every device technology and the use of dual-frequency channel, provided a reliable steady communication channel.
  • After the introduction of the system in the operation of electricity losses are reduced to the level of technology. The system provides the possibility of reducing the balance, which is an effective measure to combat the theft of electricity.
  • The built-managed power relay. This feature allows you to control user load in accordance with the contract and make the restriction mode power consumption in the case of non-compliance with terms of the contract. In addition, the system allows you to control lines and equipment load during peak hours.
  • Control of the current network parameters: power, voltage, frequency, current, differential current - with the ability to disable the built-in power switch when leaving the parameters of range. This is to protect the user equipment in the event of an emergency, as well as discourage the theft of electricity.
  • Eliminating the possibility of collusion subscribers with service personnel to conceal the real electricity consumption, which provides automated daily collection of information from all metering devices, as well as the inability to change the consumption data of any subscriber, any service personnel.
  • Multirate operation. Counters support up to 6 tariffs. Tariff grid and the structure of the week are entered into the meter configuration program of the Center, and can be changed during operation.
  • The use of cheap and easy to set up and maintain channels of GSM or GPRS for the exchange of information between the DRC and the Centre.
  • Reliable operation at low temperatures (down to -40 0 C and below) . When the temperature drops below -20 0 C. The LCD display is turned off, and the data continues to flow into the collection of information Center.
  • Integration with any billing system through the use of a standard RDBMS MS SQL Server.
  • Easy startup and commissioning works. The minimum set of equipment for the establishment of the system consists of only three components. To start the power management system in commercial operation is sufficient to establish the subscriber count, the substation RTU and set up a server in the office network company / company manager / chairman of the CHT, the HOA.